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Custom Built PC

Often off the shelf computers are not up to the task you need them for, often cutting corners with slower processors, hard drives and RAM. Whether it’s for intensive 3D rendering or just browsing the internet, pop in store or email us and we can recommend a custom PC for you.

A lot of people when we talk about custom built gets an idea that we actually manufacturer the components, individually fit them and give birth to a new PC. As interesting as it may sound, we actually don’t do that -which is a shame

Know more about Custom Built PC

What is a custom build PC?
What custom built PC refers to is to carefully hand-picking individual components from different manufacturers, check their compatibility around the hardware and bringing them all to work in harmony as one unit.
Simply because it’s easier to go to a store pickup something that its readily available, just like how one prefers to go to IKEA for their homeware.
A manufacturer has long contracts with the components provider and have to stick with old components even if they upgraded the hardware in future road map. Also, some manufacturer prefers to cut costs by ordering in bulk which may result in reduced quality. Generally, these days majority of the items are made to last for no more than 5 years due to technological advancements in parts and services.
We tailor the computers to your requirements by ascertaining your needs by asking you to provide us with four simple questions.
  • What do you want to achieve with the PC?
  • Are you a business or individual?
  • What programs or applications you’re thinking of running? and
  • Finally, what is your budget?
Just like cars, computers have different variants there are computers for Music & Audio Productions, Graphics workstations, Pro-gaming or just everyday computers for online browsing, bit of emails and little bit of everything.
These PCs have unique features and by answering the questions above honestly, we can provide you with best options available. For example: A Gaming PC with N-vidia GtX Graphic card is good for games but if you want to render videos with this graphic card the PC will struggle to put together a small clip and may take 9 hours for 1 minute of video similarly, a N-vidia Quadro will render videos but will struggle when put to use for gaming.
Another good example is a power supply you don’t want to rack a 750W PSU for gaming and rack up your monthly electricity bills when in-reality your PC only needs 450W.

Computers For Everyone!

We classified according to their performance, power, and size.

For Gamers

We know that when it comes to gamers, they are very detailed about sync-rate, high latency, good mice with more clicks per minute and high-resolution monitors. Over the last decade we have seen the gaming market evolve and some of our engineers are gamers themselves who are always interested in new technologies and never shy to test and burn chips which has given them edge based on their own experience. So, even if you want an advice just pop-in into our store and we will guide you.

For Graphics Productions

Using the latest GPU technologies will give your business the competitive edge it requires. We build bespoke workstations to address your graphics requirements, installing the latest NVIDIA Quadro, Tesla and TITAN X graphics cards to deliver powerful and reliable systems. Our experienced engineers have designed these work stations for professionals from various fields and our reviews speaks for us.

For Music & Audio Productions

Over the 20 years we have worked closely with music professionals from all over the England, including producers, composers, DJs, instrumentalists and engineers. So, no matter what you want to achieve with your Audio Workstation, whatever audio components you want to add-on, the chances are, we’ve been there, and we understand what you need to make your music the best it can be.