Individual Services

E-computing is a trusted and affordable repair and upgrade shop for all your System Products.

Custom Build

Custom Built

Often off the shelf computers are not up to the task you need them for, often cutting corners with slower processors, hard drives and RAM. Whether it’s for intensive 3D rendering or just browsing the internet, pop in store or email us and we can recommend a custom PC for you.


Why pay huge sums of money for a new product when for a fraction of the price you could have your current one running like a new machine again?
E-Computing provides Upgrades for all kindy of sytem products.

Home callouts

Call Outs

Problem with your WiFi? Printer won’t connect?
E-Computing Services has a full staff of engineers available for a rapid response should you need on-site assistance. Home callouts are charged on a per hour basis.
Enquire in-store or give us a call to arrange an engineer visit.


At E-Computing, we aim to deliver satisfactory and efficient service for all our repairs. We fix hardware and software issues, along with the option to custom-build a brand new personal computer according to your specific requirements.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Your computer’s hard drive stores everything from your precious baby photos to crucial work documents. To put it simply, your hard drive is essentially your life housed in a little mechanical box that functions as a data vault.
Unfortunately, hard drive failure is an inevitable fact of life — whether it’s been dropped, overworked or just a by-product of age.