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Data Recovery and Backups

Your computer’s hard drive stores everything from your precious baby photos to crucial work documents. To put it simply, your hard drive is essentially your life housed in a little mechanical box that functions as a data vault. Unfortunately, as most technology devices, the can eventually fail.

We have been well reputed in recovering DATA through different processes, both hardware and software. Your DATA is handled with qualified professionals, all ensuring your DATA is recovered and transferred to your desired device safely. While we carry out the Level 1 and 2 recovery in Lab, Level 3 is sent to a specialist recovery company off-site where they recover the content in a dust-proof environment.

There are 3 Levels of Hard Drive Recovery. When you book a hard drive recovery with us we analyse the condition of the Hard Drive and advise you what level it falls into, the recovery process, cost and turnaround time.

Different Levels of DATA Recovery

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Virus, Spywares Short Dst Failure Head Damage
Blue Screen -BSOD Occasional Clicking Platter Damage
Unmountable Volume Firmware Damage Encryption Recovery
Human Error - Erase/Delete Smart Failure Burnt Hard Drive
Missing Boot Files Damaged File Structure Actuator Damage
Cost £35 upwards Cost £180 Upwards Cost £400 upwards


All recoveries are worked with a strict written approval. Where client is not happy to proceed with the repair a £35 inspection charge applies, this is for us to cover the amount time and resources spent on the diagnosis.