E-computing Individual Services


We strongly believe in reduce, re-use and recycle hence you see our director driving a little smart car and we also subscribed to greener electricity. So, when our customers ask us for our advice on a new PC, we ascertain the condition of the machines and provide option for upgrade in most cases.

Majority of computers these days are meant to last no more than 5 years after which they tend to slow down by constant updates, wearing of mechanical running parts such as Hard-Drives, Batteries, and or slowness due to high octane applications.

Why is an upgrade better than a new purchase?

Simply because

  1. Its cost effective to upgrade an existing machine than buying a new one and
  2. You’re helping the environment by reducing carbon footprint.

We specialize in upgrading laptops and PCs to get them back up to speed again. Most devices only need certain components to be upgraded, serviced or enhanced to get them working at the latest speeds. Your old machine gets a boost in speed and performance, with a fraction of the cost compared to a new PC.

Here is one of our google verified reviewer

Unbelievable!! On Friday morning I dropped off my lap top, which had been playing-up for some time, to E-Computing. I was prepared to be told to trash it and get a new one. On Saturday morning, E-Computing contacted me to say that my computer was ready. When I asked the price, I was shocked. For less than the cost of a bottle of quality wine, my computer was mended. When I picked up my lap top, I celebrated with a couple of glasses of Rose at the wine shop next door. Quick, great service at a price that will surprise you. And next to a quality wine shop!! Lucky to have these guys nearby.


At E-Computing, we aim to deliver satisfactory and efficient service for all our repairs.

Our certified technicians have over 13 years of experience in component level repairs and just for your peace of mind they are also insured.

We cover from variety of faults below

  • Liquid Damage
  • Screen replacements
  • Hardware faults (including HDD failure, component failure, motherboard failure, graphics failure)
  • Software issues (OS, app glitches, backup issues)
  • Data Recovery
  • Battery replacements and power socket
  • Optical drives, CD/DVD drives
  • Cleaning
  • Fan replacement and many more

Why chose us for a repair?

  • All repairs carry a standard 3 months warranty unless otherwise extended.
  • We only work with quality components when repairing
  • We use identical product recommended by the manufacturer or something superior
  • We guarantee to start working on the repair as soon as its booked
  • Our dedicated automation software keeps you informed via text and e-mail at every step of the process.