CRM Development

A strategy designed to improve revenues and profitability.
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Dynamic CRM Development

We also specialise in providing CRM Solutions which includes
Consulting | Implementation | Training | Support Services | User-Friendly Technology | Configuration & Customisation

Why CRM?

We understand that choosing a CRM platform can be quite challenging for start-ups and small businesses working with a budget and user-friendly technology in mind. Selecting a CRM platform that offers the required features, functionalities, and integration with other systems is imperative. Thus, with years of hands-on experience in providing CRM consulting services, E-computing CRM can be your trusted partner in picking the right platform based on your business needs and requirements.

So what we do to make your organisation CRM ready?

We study, understand your business processes, system requirements, and provide solutions tailored to your specific needs, with the primary focus on providing user-friendly technology.

Focus on your Business Relationships

A strategy designed to improve revenues and profitability.

Any Domain

We have had the opportunity of working across multiple industrial domains. This has helped us to acquire extensive industry expertise across different sectors.

Easy Transformation

we have helped countless businesses to easily switch from a legacy system to a multi-disciplinary CRM platform.


As a reliable CRM consultancy, we offer our clients unbiased recommendations by comparing different CRM systems. This ensures companies get the most suitable CRM software.


We also help companies build an efficient CRM system that not only streamlines various processes but can also adapt to future changes.

Training & Installations

From project planning, installation, and configuration to customisation, execution, and training, we can help you every step of the way, right until the end of the project and beyond.

Fast Deployment

As a CRM consulting firm, we have built strong relationships with our clients over the years and are known for our timely delivery and exceptional support.


Our team has worked on multiple projects over the years spread across various industries and continents.

If you are looking for a CRM software consultant or an experienced CRM consulting company, then we can help.
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