Upgrades & Repairs

We specialise in PC and MAC Upgrades and Repairs.

Upgrade your existing PC for high performance

Replacing degraded or damaged components will keep your computers running strong for years.
High Performance | Top Quality Components | SSD | HDD | RAM | Processor | Graphics and more

High Performance

Taking advantage of backward compatibility, we install High-Performance hardware to bring your aged computers in line with current demands.

Cost Effective

Your old machine gets a boost in speed and performance, with a fraction of the cost when compared to a new PC.


Upgrading, instead of buying a new PC, enables us to reduce, reuse, and recycle. So, you are not only reducing the carbon footprint but also keeping your bank healthy.

Fix damaged PC components

Thinking of upgrading your PC?

You have made the right choice.

We strongly believe in reduce, re-use and recycle.
So, when our customers ask us for our advice on a new PC, we ascertain the condition of the device and recommend an option for an upgrade in most cases.

We'll provide you with best options available.

Repair & Fix your PC

At E-Computing, we aim to deliver competent and efficient service for all our repairs.
Liquid Damage | Screen replacements | Hardware faults | Software issues | Battery replacements| Recovery and more

Quick Service

We guarantee to start working on the device as soon as its booked. Our dedicated automation software keeps you informed via text and e-mail at every step of the process.

Best Repairs

We only work with quality components and use an identical product recommended by the manufacturer or a product of superior quality.

Certified Technicians

Our certified technicians have over 13 years of experience in component level repairs.

What's more


Fine Repairs


Cost saving


Environmental Security


Satisfied Customers

We are popular in providing best IT services in London!

Our certified technicians have over 13 years of experience in component level upgrades & repairs
Just for your peace of mind they are also insured.

Top Brands

We carefully hand-pick individual components from several leading brands.

Advance Technology

We use high-performance components, check their compatibility around other hardware units, and build a custom product.

High Quality

We only use the best quality components available in the market and aim to deliver them at a low cost.

Install and Forget

Increase shelf life your PC by installing and upgrading required hardware on your PC. Pop in-store or email us.


All brand new parts carry a 1-year standard manufacturer warranty unless otherwise stated.