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IT Services

With nearly 21 years in the IT industry, we work closely with our clients to best understand their IT requirements and provide highly personalized, innovative, effective, and efficient IT solutions.

We are popular in providing best IT services

We are do all kind of PC upgrades and repairs. Also provide best internet security.

Custom Build PC

Often off the shelf computers are not up to the task you need them for, often cutting corners with slower processors, hard drives and RAM. Whether it’s for intensive 3D rendering or just browsing the internet, pop in store or email us and we can recommend a custom PC for you. Know More..

Internet Security

The best protection for everyday web users. Secures Windows, Mac, Android and Linux devices. Deployment and support of centralised security policies for Windows and Mac environments, as well as mobile devices. Know More..

Upgrades & Repairs

We strongly believe in reduce, re-use and recycle. When our customers ask us for our advice on a new PC, we ascertain the condition of the machines and provide option for upgrade in most cases. We have over 13 years of experience in component level repairs. Know More..

Data Recovery

Your computer’s hard drive stores everything from your precious baby photos to crucial work documents. To put it simply, your hard drive is essentially your life housed in a little mechanical box that functions as a data vault. Know More..

On-site Support

We have dedicated team of engineers who hold expertise in their relevant field. We provide onsite support from Wireless Expansion, Network Printer & Storage, Home CCTV and Alarms service in and around London area. Know More..