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Ensuring organisation is compiling minimum of security related requirements.
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We provide comprehensive solutions to protect your IT Infrastructure from ever-evolving threats
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IT Security & Compliance

Cybersecurity is a set of protocols applied to protect hardware and software that have access to the internet, potentially making them vulnerable targets for cyber-attacks. Cyber threats including malware, ransomware and hacking attacks may cause severe damage to your business. E-computing provides comprehensive solutions to protect your IT Infrastructure from ever-evolving threats.

So what we do to make your organisation secure and compliant?

We at E-computing do asset discovery and vulnerability management along with file integrity and configuration management. Our experts use software that prevents and detect intrusions, monitor and manage logs which are all part of the cybersecurity daily routine. All these tools and processes are in place to protect and defend the information and technology assets of an organization.

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Key Features

Comprehensive Compliance & diligent Security practices ensure that the business is covered from every angle.

Online Security

We provide proven, award-winning products and solutions to ensure your business is safe online. With advanced threat protection such as 24-hour monitoring, regularly updated security database, email filtering and on-demand scanning ensure your business is safe and secure.

Central Management

We implement simple-to-use portals for you to manage your IT security policies. Central Management over your users, their access and passwords and many more with Azure Active Directory.

Security Assessments

We offer comprehensive security audits and vulnerability checks to ensure every IT aspect of your business is up to date and secure. We provide One-time or Regular IT audits depending on the business needs, ensuring every aspect of your business is fully protected.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

We provide comprehensive D&R and B&C checks including revisions to provide prompt Recovery Time Objectives. We ensure your business continues operating during any critical and major incident.

Knowledge & Advice

Providing IT services for over 20 years to small and medium-sized businesses in various disciplines, we have developed an extensive practical knowledge of know-how. We constantly stay alert and up to date with the best security practices, potential future cyber threats, and security updates. Gain access to professional advice and guidance from our experienced team.


At E-computing, we ensure your business meets compliance regulatory requirements. We can deploy compliance framework ISO:27001 depending on your Business Practice to ensure you are compliant with regional laws. These objectives are critical to success because lack of compliance will result in a loss of customer trust if not, makes it outright illegal to conduct business in the market.