Data Recovery

100% Safe & Secure Recovery of lost data.

Recover Your Lost or Deleted Data From All Storage Media

100% Safe & Secure Recovery of lost data from HDD, SSD, USB drive, SD card.
We Recover Photos | Videos | Audios | Documents & All type of Files.

100% Secure

We recover data safely and securely keeping in mind the guidelines set out by the EU on GDPR regulations.


Complete transparency across your job cycle. We use different levels of data recovery.


You can always rely on us for your data recovery. We provide risk free and reliable data recovery service.

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Best Data Recovery Service Provider in London

Data Recovery from different data loss situations.

Recovering Data

Your DATA is handled with qualified professionals. We have been well-reputed in recovering DATA through different processes. While we carry out the Level 1 and 2 recovery in Lab, Level 3 is sent to a specialist recovery company off-site where they recover the content in a dust-proof environment.

3 Levels of Data Recovery

When you book a hard drive recovery with us we analyse the condition of the Hard Drive and advise you what level it falls into, the recovery process, cost, and turnaround time.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Virus, Spyware Short Dst Failure Head Damage
Blue Screen -BSOD Occasional Clicking Platter Damage
Demountable Volume Firmware Damage Encryption Recovery
Human Error - Erase/Delete Smart Failure Burnt Hard Drive
Missing Boot Files Damaged File Structure Actuator Damage
Cost £45
Cost £180
Cost £400


All recoveries are worked with strict written approval. Where the client is not happy to proceed with the repair a £35 inspection charge applies, this is for us to cover the amount of time and resources spent on the diagnosis.

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We are popular in providing best Data Recovery in minutes

No matter how bad the damage appears to be our experts can restore it.

Any Storage

Safe & Secure Recovery of lost data from HDD, SSD, USB drive, SD card. We Recover Photos, Videos, Audios, Documents & All type of Files.

Advance Technology

We have been well reputed in recovering data through different processes. We have 3 Levels of Hard Drive Recovery

High Quality

We recover 100% data in its original quality. And ensuring your data is successfully transferred to your new device safely.


Risk free and Reliable data recovery service. Our experts know exactly how to solve your problem quickly and efficiently.


In repairing your product under your product’s warranty or extended service contract, we may use new, used or reconditioned parts, as permitted by the terms of such warranty or extended service contract.